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Forex Mechanical System Trading: Why Not Me

Forex auto trading systems have become very popular for both beginners and intermediate traders. Many claim auto trading systems will produce better results than any sole human can achieve.

Let's address four key critical areas where a Forex auto trading system helps a trader to better profits.

1. Complex technical analysis is handled by software.

2. Human emotions are removed from the equation.

3. Can trade anytime.

4. One can back test, and forward test on a free account.

1. Technical analysis is used extensively for forex trading. There are a vast number of indicators, many of them involving complex mathematical calculations. More importantly a good system never relies on a single technical indicator but involves several and how they relate to one another. A good Forex trading system uses a computer to analyze these different technical indicators and issue buy and sell signals based on probability of past correlation of these indicators. This is critical as experienced traders often spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars learning different technical indicators and how they relate to one another. We all know computers are great at number crunching and detecting patterns. A good Forex auto trading system uses this huge advantage to benefit the trader.

2. Any experienced trader will tell you the biggest obstacle any trader will have regards successful trading is their emotions. A good trader must master their emotions and this can take several years. An automated system removes the element of emotions, all one does is let the system do the trades. Fear has prevented many traders from entering a position when the technical indicators are positive. More importantly greed has often turned huge gains into losses, just ask any trader. I can't stress enough that human emotions are a Forex trader's worst enemy. When you have a trading system that you know works over time you just let it run its course.

3. Forex trading occurs around the clock Monday to Friday. There are systems that run on autopilot, they attach to your trading software and execute trades without your intervention. Institutions, banks, and large broker houses have done this for years. The main reason are for the two items listed above. Now, consider if you live in New York and you are trading the US/EURO. A very active timeframe for trading is during the European business hours, that would be 1AM to 4AM your time. So why not sleep and let an automated forex trading system do the trades for you. And let's not forget when the Japanese traders are active during their normal business hours.

4. I mentioned being able to do back testing and forward free testing on a forex trading system. If I am to purchase a trading system I want to be able to do a risk-free test of the system. Some systems will give you the exact details of their signals and you can then actually go back in time to the charts and see how effective they were. Also many forex trading systems will provide you with historical records, but keep in mind there are other factors involved and you may be observing ideal situations. As almost every forex broker will provide a demo account you can actually test a system for free using a demo account. This is a MUST. I would never test a trading system with real money.

Forex trading, and Forex trading systems are becoming very popular today mainly because you no longer need $100,000 to open account, in fact you can open account with some brokers with with as little as $100. Also in the past the systems have been cost prohibitive so only large institutions used them. Forex has always offered huge leverage like 200:1 and for this reason has been very popular. You are hearing more about it today because almost anyone can get started for the very little money.

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